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Mount Edgcumbe.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I am creating a site specific sculpture for the Art @ Edgcumbe which will be open to the public on 9th May for four weeks.

The piece of art entitled Witch of Edgcumbe was created in response to the story from the fireside book of death by robert wilkins. Lady Emma Edgcumbe was struck down by a mystery illness, after several days she was pronounced dead and arrangements made for her burial. Whilst the sexton was preparing her body he noticed that she had some very valuable rings on, feeling that it would be a waste he decided to return after dark to remove them. That evening he returned and removed the lid of the coffin, whilst trying to remove the rings the corpse of Lady Emma sat up. Filled with fright he ran away leaving poor Lady Emma to make her way back to the house. The Countess lived for a long time after, even outliving her husband by twelve years.

The work is part of a larger exhibition featuring all of 3d Design Craft students, year 2 from the Plymouth College of Art.

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