A Creative Mind

I am a Plymouth based jewellery designer and maker with a keen interest in designing and creating pieces that cover a wide spectrum of gender, age and social backgrounds. 
Previously, I was a self-employed party planner selling clothing and jewellery at events. Having sourced products that were unavailable on the high street I was able to create a unique buying experience for my customers. This interest in fashion led me to create jewellery for two years prior to undertaking a BA (Hons) Jewellery degree at Plymouth College of Art. I, therefore, have a significant understanding of self-employment including marketing and selling original products in various settings including contemporary craft fairs. 
Throughout my time on the degree, I have exhibited my work in prestigious public settings including a large scale figurative sculpture in the formal gardens at Mount Edgcumbe Country House in Cornwall and Jewellery at Royal William Yard in Plymouth. 
During my final year of study, I have chosen to focus my research on the topic of gender, with theorist Judith Butler and Sandra Bem informing my work. Combining their theories has enabled me to reflect on how gender can be challenged from the traditional binary categories.
My dissertation topic reflected my interest in gender and included artists Grayson Perry and Rupaul who are both influential to my work. 
The topic of gender is a current and popular subject to consider due to the shift in thinking with the new generation of millennials and generation z; who have begun to question their gender identities and are more accepting of a larger collection of existences, such as transgender and gender fluidity.
My inquiries into gender have allowed me to push the boundaries of my jewellery practice and challenge the ideas surrounding traditional gendered jewellery, perpetuated by the world around us. I have achieved this by using repeat patterns of male and female biology with the combination of mirrors. To further explore the use of mirrors I have applied  Lacan’s theory of self, which is based on misrecognition of the self. This has allowed me to obscure biology and offer an alternative image of gender. My practice has evolved to incorporate a wide mix of media, allowing me to push limitations and experiment with materials and processes. I wish is to start conversations based on gender fluidity whilst also questioning traditional gender stereotypes.



Experience & Expertise


Final Project - August 2020

My final project was based around gender stereotypes; using mirrors which reflect the self, obscured by biology. To offer an alternative image of gender,


Live Brief - January 2020

This in-class brief involved responding to a heritage site, in this case, the Elizabethan House in Plymouth. My piece involved sand casting pieces from a traditional cameo and adapting those pieces in order to subvert gender stereotypes


Live Brief - May 2019

This live brief was focused on designing a piece for an outdoor exhibition at this public Cornwall tourist site. My piece was in response to the Witch of Edgcumbe story. I created a witch made from rope and rebar to replicate an image made by James Gillray.


In class brief - january 2019

his in class brief was to develop a response to judgements that we make when interact with things that we make; their value, status and functionality are assessed through our understanding of things that surround us. My piece was in relation to the devastation caused by tsunami's, using scrap copper to create a jewellery collection